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Title: Fearing Loss
Author: Miss Kass
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Characters: Sora, Kairi, Goofy and Donald
Word Count: 252
Summary: They feared that everything they knew was gone.
Spoilers: Um, if you haven’t been to Hollow Bastion, then yes.
Disclaimer: Me? I’m fourteen and live in Australia, do I look like the Disney/Squeenix corporation?

Challenge: Mistake

Goofy and Donald knew it was a mistake when Sora drove the Keyblade into his heart. They cried out, rushing towards the slowly falling boy and feeling fear engulf their hearts. They feared that the young boy they had rescued from Heartless only a short time before was gone; the boy they had helped back onto his feet, the boy they had watched defeat countless Heartless and evildoers, was gone.

Kairi too knew it was a mistake when Sora drove the Keyblade into his heart. Lying on the floor, and feeling the strength rush back into her as her heart returned to her body, she knew it was a mistake. She too rushed towards Sora as he fell, attempting to catch him before he hit the ground. She feared that the strong young boy she had met on Destiny Island was gone; the boy that she had spent months living alongside, the boy that she had built a sailboat to escape with, was gone.

Sora however, he knew it wasn’t a mistake when he drove the Keyblade into his heart. As he felt the coldness of death rush over him, he made no sound. He was no longer falling towards the ground, but an endless pit of blackness he could never escape from. He feared only that Kairi’s heart would not return to her, that it was gone; the heart that he wished to share a Paopu Fruit with, the heart that belonged to the most innocent girl he knew, was gone.


Notes: I’m utterly incompetent at writing anything above a G rating, sorreh. Also, DJ IS MY LOVER. SHE GIVES ME COMPLIMENTS OF LOVE. ♥

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