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Title: An Endless Reminder.
Author: Miss Kass
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts.
Rating: G.
Characters: Riku.
Word Count: 325.
Summary: Touches like the feathers of a dove were all that mattered to the darkness-stricken boy, an endless reminder of everything he knew.
Spoilers: None, as far as I know.
Disclaimer: Disney and Squeenix = not me. One day in the future though...

Challenge: [092] – Feathers.

In the darkness, everything was intensified.

If there had been sound, it would have been deafening. If one could have seen, it would have been blinding. If one caught wind of a smell, different from the distinct sense of unending darkness, it would have been overpowering, dizzying. If there had been food, or water, or anything but pure blackness, the taste would have burned.

But, as there were none of those things, their intensities bled into the only sense remaining; touch.

As Riku wandered through the darkness, long since separated from Mickey, all he could do was feel. He felt the unending pressure of darkness, almost pushing him down as he moved. He felt the hard ground against his aching feet, unyielding as he walked. He felt his clothes, his hair, his shoes and even his limbs as they rubbed together, each feeling like it was new to him, a hundred times intensified.

However, none of these things mattered to him. These were not the things that he felt the most, though they were a thousand times worse than anything he had ever known.

No, what Riku felt most were the light touches of nothing. Touches that were like Sora’s hair brushing against his leg as he sat upon the Paopu tree, the brunet standing on the ground next to him. Touches that were like Kairi’s fingers ghosting over Riku’s arm when she was afraid, almost unwilling to grasp his wrist for a reason unbeknownst to him.

These touches were feathery light, brushing against his skin and disappearing as quickly as they had appeared. But Riku would not allow himself to forget them, as he was sure they were his exit. He was sure they were his little particles of light, following him and guiding him to his life outside the darkness. These touches, feeling like the soft feathers of a dove, would lead him back to his friends, out of the bleak unending dark.


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