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Title: Cell Phone
Author: Miss Kass
Fandom: FFVII.
Characters: Vincent, Rixel (the OC of Cici - hay I can rhyme).
Word Count: 469
Summary: Rixel attempts to help Vincent buy a cellphone.
Spoilers: Y HELO THAR SPOILERLESS FIC. Again, just crack for Ciarra.
Disclaimer: I am not a multimillion dollar company named Squeenix. I’m a fourteen year old girl named Jess.

Uncomfortable amidst the bustling crowds, Vincent Valentine walked into the nearest shop, which just so happened to be the place he was looking for. Walking up to the counter, he announced his intentions clearly; "I need a cellphone."

The shop assistant fought the urge to raise an eyebrow before waving her arm around the store. "Well, we have a wide variety of phones, any ideas as to which one you want?" Vincent stared blankly at her for a moment before a dark-haired girl seemingly bounced towards him.

"Don't worry miss, I'll help him out." She grabbed Vincent around the arm and dragged him towards a giant display of phones. "If you need to access the internet quickly," she said, the words leaving her mouth faster than the average cheetah, "then get this one. It has one cent internet access, and you can research anything in the blink of an eye.

"But, if you want simpler phone – just for calls – you should get this one," she dragged him towards another display, Vincent shaking his arm out of her grip as they went. "It comes with a five cent call plan, meaning you can call anywhere in the world and it’ll only cost you five cents. Nifty, huh?

"Oh, and by the way, I'm Rixel!" The girl said, thrusting her hand towards Vincent. He simply looked down at it, ignored it, and raised his head to find a pair of dark red eyes staring him in the face.

"Vincent," he replied smoothly, "and I really don't care about phones, or you."

Turning away from her, he stalked back towards the assistant, who was looking a little taken aback by his attitude. "Listen, I just want to buy a phone; I don't care about extras." Rixel, looking slightly downcast, picked one off the shelf and headed towards him, placing it on the counter. "Here, take your phone." Turning on her heel, she left the store, ignoring the raised eyebrow of the assistant and Vincent's cold stare.

Ten minutes later, after Vincent left the store, it was pouring rain, and Rixel was sitting just under the cover of the store’s roof, catching droplets on her outstretched hand. "Hi!" She cried as she noticed him, getting up to follow him onto the slightly less busy street.

"Didja get that phone I picked out for you?" She asked happily, the memory of the fight seemingly eradicated from her mind. When he didn't answer she poked him in the back, taking a step backwards as he flipped around and gave her a death stare.

"Look, Rixel, don’t make me shoot you. I only came here for a phone, not to be harassed by some annoying teen. Now leave before I kill you." He turned around; his metal-gloved fist clenched, and walked away, Rixel staring sadly after him.
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