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Title: The Secrets That We Sold Were Never Known
Author: Miss Kass
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Bill/Tom, Tom/OFC
Word Count: 2511
Prompt: Physical responses, from the kink table
Genres / Warnings: Het, slash / voyeurism, adult content, incest
Disclaimer: The boys own themselves and someone who isn't me owns the band and makes all the money I wish I could be making.

Notes: Betaed by [livejournal.com profile] etacanis, who is a miracle for putting up with my writing at all hours of the day. Banner by [livejournal.com profile] mrbeaky. ♥ Title shamelessly stolen from Hurricane, because that may or may not have been a slight inspiration. ;D

It's a well-known fact worldwide that Bill Kaulitz, prettyboy frontman of international superstar rock band Tokio Hotel, is a virgin. That fact, despite seeming as implausible as a heatwave on Pluto, is completely and utterly true.

It doesn't mean that Bill doesn't understand how to enjoy sex, though.

The first time it happened was years ago, an underage and completely drunk Tom had assured Bill that he'd love it, and love it Bill did. Now, so many years later and on the eve of their birthday celebrations, Tom and Bill decided to do it again, to ring in their twentieth year with more than a single bang.

It wasn't difficult to find a girl who would play into their plans. Their absence from America didn't mean that the fangirls had forgotten them - they were inundated with hundreds of fluttering eyelashes from pretty girls at every bar they went to. Finally they found their girl, though, and retired to their shared hotel room with only a knowing - and vaguely amused - glance from their bodyguard following them.

The girl was somewhat Bill-esque in demeanour and stance, with a flat chest and a hairstyle reminiscent of Bill from a few years ago; all dark layers and waves around defined cheekbones and plush lips. She didn't so much as smile before she had turned and pushed Tom against the wall of the hotel room, ravaging his mouth with her own as Bill fought to contain a grin. He liked the ones that played dirty.

A growl rippled through Tom's throat as he pushed her off and turned them around, Bill groaning as he was met with the disappointing view of Tom's clothed back while Tom kissed her.

"Tom," he started softly, his twin's name almost a whine bubbling up from his throat. A beg. Tom separated his lips from the girl's and nodded obligingly, reaching down to grasp the hem of his shirt and proceeding to pull the entire oversized thing over his head. Bill gasped sharply as he saw the flush that was running over Tom's back, the first evidence of Tom's rising arousal.

Bill's backed into an armchair, eyes tracing over the curves of muscle that were tensed as Tom braced himself against the wall and kissed the girl. In retaliation for his kisses she curled her arms around his body and scratched her long nails down his back, leaving trails that were white for just a second before darkening to an angry red - a contrast even to the flushed skin around them.

Minutes passed just of kissing before Bill could take no more of this teasing, and he coughed lightly, signalling for Tom to hurry the fuck up. Bill watched as Tom took the girl by her hand, moving so Bill could see her reddened face and swollen lips. Breathing in sharply, Bill detached his hand from where it was clasping the rough material of the armchair and lowered it to his cock, palming himself through his tight jeans. The game began.

The game - or the reason that Bill knew sex was mindblowing without ever having it - was that he got off on other people's responses, particularly Tom's. The first time Tom had suggested it Bill had just slammed the door in his face. How could watching Tom fuck some girl be better than trying for his own pussy (not that Bill was all that interested in the first place)? But a drunk Tom was a persistent Tom, and he pushed until Bill relented, letting the girl and Tom into his hotel room. Bill had settled himself into a chair by the bed, watching with a detached kind of boredom as Tom touched the blonde inexpertly, but soon he was absorbed in the movements of the two. He was fascinated by the way she arched up against Tom's wandering fingers, the way Tom moaned and clenched his arse muscles as he pushed into her. The smell of sex and the vision of Tom fucking a groupie in front of him had Bill rubbing himself absent-mindedly before dragging his jeans and boxers down to his knees and really pulling, wringing moans from his own throat as Tom's thrusts petered out and the girl shrieked her orgasm. It was then that Bill decided he'd found something better than sex.

A snarl from the dark-haired girl brought Bill back to reality, and he realised he'd missed Tom undressing her and throwing her to the bed. Scowling to himself he refocused his eyes on the bed, where she lay with her legs spread, her pussy shaved and reddened with arousal. Bill's breath hitched in his throat and he gripped himself harder, deftly undoing his button and zipper with his free hand. Tom was still only shirtless, his own jeans hanging around his hips in a way that made Bill just want to pull them down to expose Tom's cock, but he restrained himself; he knew it would happen soon enough.

Instead Bill focused on the girl again, roving his eyes over her body. Tom knew why Bill was there, even if the girl didn't, so while she fucked Tom with her eyes Tom stood back far enough for Bill to get a view of their conquest. Her dark hair fell over her shoulders as she supported herself on her elbows, and her mouth was open just enough for Bill to see a tongue piercing glinting in her mouth. Such a wannabe, he thought to himself. Wants to be me. Bill saw Tom smirking as his mind wandered and he shook his head at Tom's ability to all but read his mind. His distaste for her must have been obvious, but that only made her easier to objectify; if Bill pretended she was faceless then he could focus on how her body moved rather than how her brain worked. Thoughts didn’t matter in their game; it was all primal instinct that made his cock throb.

Returning his eyes to her body, Bill took note of her taut nipples, obviously a side-effect of her arousal as summer heat was wafting through the half-open window and bathing the room in its warmth. He saw that she was flushed, too, her breasts a brighter pink than the rest of her pale body. Trailing his eyes down Bill noticed that she had the same stars as he did, one on each of her hipbones instead of the group of three he had. Mine are better, he thought to himself, feeling Tom agree rather than seeing him. Finally his eyes reached her groin and he took a moment to strip his jeans off before he continued.

Her pussy was pink, as he'd seen before, and he was sure if he put his hand against it and thrust his fingers into her she would throb against him. Bill hissed out a breath and looked away from his twin and their girl for long enough to pull his shirt over his head. When he refocused on the bed Bill noticed that Tom hadn't moved, but his blush was deepening, and his cock was hard enough to tent his roomy, satin boxers, just showing through the open V of his jeans. Bill's eyes trailed over to the girl, whose name they still didn't know, and caught her eye as she rubbed her fingertips in little circles over her clit, her hips jumping into her touches.

"Is anyone gonna fuck me?" she asked impatiently, roughly pushing a pale finger inside herself. At her crass request both Bill and Tom squeaked, and Tom looked to Bill for the nod that meant he could start touching her. Bill delivered it. Swiftly, Tom pulled down his jeans and boxers, catching Bill's gaze for long enough to mouth enjoy the show. And oh how Bill would.

Tom's cock was perfect, at least in Bill's eyes, and that was due in no small part to the fact that they really were identical. As Bill roved his eyes over it Tom thrust his hips forward enough to make his cock bob gently against his pelvis, a little promise for the show Bill was about the enjoy. Bill whined low in his throat as Tom turned back to the girl, but the sight of her fingers, three of them now, pumping slickly between her legs turned his whine to a moan.

Seemingly stunned at the girl's forwardness, Tom didn't move any further until Bill whispered his name. "Tom." The soft word pushed Tom into action and he knelt on the bed, his arse muscles tensing as he changed position. Bill carefully took hold of his cock, keeping his touch light so he could watch the whole show, but even brushes of his palm had his hips jerking. It had been a while since he'd been so worked up.

Instead of focusing on himself, Bill set his sights on the couple in front of him. From halfway up Tom's back to his face he was coloured pink, a sheen of sweat making him glow in the half-light from the dimmed ceiling lamp. The girl was equally as flushed, beads of sweat rolling down her breasts from the heat and the desperate lust. Bill watched as Tom traced his fingers down the girl's side, drawing complicated loops and swirls like Bill's tattoo: a secret movement, just for them.

The girl's desperate whine drew Bill and Tom's attention to her face, pretty in pink and shiny with sweat as well, her lips parted and her breaths deep, prolonging the pleasure of Tom's touches. Slowly, oh so slowly, she pushed her fingers into her mouth, moaning as she licked them clean from where they were inside her such a short time ago. Instead of watching her hand, Bill focused on her lips, swollen and pink from Tom's kisses and her own fingers, and then on her eyes, dark with arousal and ringed with brown, just like his own.

It wasn't until she took her fingers from her mouth and gasped, her tongue stud glinting in the light, that Bill looked at Tom again. His twin was down on his knees with his head between the girl's legs, and she was moaning desperately as she slid her hands down her own body to rest atop Tom's head. Bill clenched his free hand into his fist as she gripped his cornrows, he knew how Tom hated his hair being pulled, but his twin didn’t let up from his ministrations, and soon the girl was a writhing mess. Without even touching himself Bill watched as the girl's thigh muscles clenched around his head, and her breasts bounced ever so slightly as she pushed against Tom's face in a desperate attempt for more pressure.

When Tom pulled away she moaned, and Bill's fingers twitched, almost as though he wanted to push Tom back to her pussy so he could watch her muscles tighten in pleasure again, but Tom was soon kissing the girl and pressing the length of his body against hers, so Bill couldn't complain. Seeing the two of them together reminded him of the first time, when Tom had just draped his body over that of the girl he'd picked up for Bill and thrust into her sloppily, his movements just that of the inexperienced fifteen-year-old Tom was, and it made Bill delirious with nostalgia and love for the twin that was always willing to put on a show for him.

More, Bill silently urged, and without looking up Tom agreed, tip-toeing his fingers between the girl's breasts, heaving atop her ribcage, and down her flat stomach to her pelvis. There he paused a moment to draw more of his intricate designs, eliciting full-body shakes from the girl, before pressing against her clit with his thumb and pressing two fingers straight inside her. At that, Bill gripped his cock firmly; from here he knew what Tom's actions would be. First he'd make sure she could take him, that she wasn't too tight or too nervous, and then he would thrust his cock into her, slowly at first and then faster until the perfect climax of the night. They were all just there to get off; Bill always had to remember that.

Caught up in his thoughts, Bill didn't notice that Tom had removed his fingers from the girl and was pushing his cock into her. The sight of his twin's cock pushing into the girl always had Bill aching for more; the only time he ever really wanted someone to fuck him was when he watched Tom fucking someone else. A triplet of moans pierced the still, warm air as they all moaned in unison, the girl from the penetration and Tom from his exertions, and Bill just from the pure, animal thrill of watching his brother fuck a groupie.

With fingers that felt like burning Bill gently stroked his cock, spitting indelicately into his palm to provide some sort of lubrication without having to get up. The show in front of him was too beautiful for that. The girl had wrapped her legs around Tom's back, meeting his every thrust and spurring him to move faster and faster, a distinctly different outcome than Bill had expected. Most girls wanted to drag the sex out and pretend they'd done Tom Kaulitz for hours, but this girl was quick and to the point, a little like Bill himself, and that only made him less impressed with her. A cheap imitation. Bill heard Tom laugh between grunts, their twin bond deeper than ever despite the intruder into their relationship.

As Tom's hips snapped forward faster Bill's hand moved faster too, and he increased the pressure on his cock, keeping up with the scene before him. The girl leant up to catch Tom's lips, licking at the piercing there as he rocked into her and she defiantly rocked back. Bill didn't even need to touch himself anywhere else before he was coming onto his stomach, watching as Tom's thrusts stuttered and he spilled himself into the girl. Reckless and dangerous, Bill realised as he remembered there was no condom involved, but as she shifted her arms to ring them around Tom's neck Bill saw the telltale sign of a patch on her arm - too small to be nicotine - and sighed, sated and relaxed in the armchair.

Bill barely noticed as the girl slipped back into her clothes and attempted to fix her hair in the mirror before she turned back to Tom to capture his lips a final time. "Call me," she whispered, winking at Tom and sauntering out of the room, her face and shoulder still a bright pink.

"Unlikely," Tom muttered into Bill's ear, earning himself a swat on the side of the head. Bill was still too relaxed to move from the armchair and so he ended up with a naked twin in his lap, whispering "Happy Birthday," before he lifted Bill's arm to wrap it around his shoulder so he could snuggle in closer.

Bill smiled. "The happiest."


Also at [livejournal.com profile] th_fanfic here and THF here.
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