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Title: She’s Not the Maid
Author: Miss Kass
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Word Count: 276
Spoilers: The beginning of KHI?
Disclaimer: I own nothing Kingdom Hearts related but a couple of figurines and the game, both of which are set up in lewd positions.

PS: I totally wan with this drabble. xD


“take a child from his mother, impossible.”

The Heartless didn’t feel, weren’t conscious, couldn’t possibly have understood. They were simply drawn towards that with power over them, the strong beating of a heart or the flash of a shining weapon.

They swarmed to the island that night, waking a young boy from his slumber and pulling him from his home with their unearthly song. The boy wandered, cold and alone, calling for friend and family alike, but no human heeded his call. Instead, his voice hastened the coming of a stronger Heartless, a being commanding those who are small, those without minds.

With a snap the boy was gone, ensnared in another world without a person to love or cherish him. His family awoke the next morning and wept, assuming their boy was lost to the night’s black seas, capable of tearing a heart asunder like the claws of a thoughtless beast.

Though the boy’s mother outwardly wept and screamed, cursing the ocean for taking her light away, inside her mind there was serenity; a single shred of acceptance. For she knew that though the life of the boy had been lost, she could think only of the fact that his lifelong dream had become his sombre reality. The boy had always stared into the distance day and night, imagining a bright new world, where the sand and the sun were not the only earthly friends he would know.

So though her heart was broken, her mind stood strong, for she placed her faith in the new parent for the boy, one which could bring him what she thought he had always deserved: a better life.


Title: dirtysinfulwrong
Author: Miss Kass
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: M
Characters: Sora/Roxas(/Riku)
Word Count: 618
Spoilers: None, ‘cause this is pretty AU.
Disclaimer: I still own nothing Kingdom Hearts related but a couple of figurines and the game, both of which are set up in lewd positions.


It didn’t matter how often they were told that it was dirtysinfulwrong, the twins wouldn’t stop. Every night they would escape from their separate rooms – where their parents had forced them to sleep in an attempt to cease their desires – and run to Riku’s room on the fifth floor of the school. Room 317.

Riku was the only boy they trusted with their secret, and he knew that, so he couldn’t let them go anywhere else. Instead, when he heard their knocks in the night, he allowed them in, a shirtless Sora and a breathless Roxas scrambling into the room before the teachers caught them out of bed. Riku would smile at the two of them, mouth widened but eyes not following suit, calm blue watching the two boys holding hands inside their refuge.

He knew what they had come to do, of course, because they always did the same thing. He could hide in his bed, or bury his nose in a book, but he could always hear them, and the images that the noises conjured up… they left him as breathless as the participants. Riku had never watched them; had never even seen what they did to each other in the safety of his room, but he knew. Somewhere hidden in the back of his mind, he knew.

One night, the twins strayed from the safety of Riku’s wall, where Sora spent most of his nights grinding Roxas into the concrete, swallowing the blond’s groans so Riku’s neighbours didn’t wake up. Instead they moved to Riku’s bed, where he was lying with his back to the room, eyelids squeezed so tightly together that even his mind’s eye couldn’t see. But those eyes sprang open when two sets of hands roamed over his back, and he flipped over to see two sets of blue eyes watching him, mirroring his own.

“We know, Riku.”

“We’ve always known.”

“You can’t hide it.”

At the same time, Sora and Roxas stretched out their hands and gestured to Riku’s crotch, where a bulge had formed within his pyjamas. Most nights he simply tried to will it away, the shame of having such a reaction to his friends was something he couldn’t bear. But that night his erection was pulled from his trousers, Sora lowering his head and wrapping his bright red lips around it while Roxas pulled Riku into a kiss.

“We wanted to thank you.”

“And make you feel good.”

“You’d never hurt us.”

“Or let us down.”

“You’re the one we trust.”

Riku’s mind screamed to push them away, to send them out, to stop them from ruining a friendship, but his body wouldn’t listen. So he kissed Roxas back, and thrust up into Sora’s willing mouth, the blond swallowing his moans as the brunet swallowed his come.

“Three seventeen…”

“We knew this room was special.”

“There are three of us.”

“And we’re all seventeen.”

“We love you, Riku.”

All through their ministrations, Riku didn’t say a word. He just closed his eyes and allowed them to pull his trousers back up, not correcting them when they called him seventeen, not stopping them when they crawled into his bed, not mumbling anything when he woke up the next morning and Sora and Roxas were gone.

The next day, Riku transferred out of room 317. Sora and Roxas stopped escaping from their rooms after that, drifting further and further from one another until they no longer spoke. The twins never found a person to trust again, but Riku couldn’t stay in his room once they’d given it that meaning; they’d made him a part of what they were doing, and he just couldn’t find a way to make it right.
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