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So, because I've got nothing going on in my life but stressssssssssss *freaks out* and my last entry was all seriousface, I've written some fanfiction you can all scroll past. Awesome. =D

OH. What I am liking right now is this daylight savings thing. Sitting in my room at twenty to seven in the evening and having it be light outside? It's fabulous. ♥♥

Title: Dawn of Souls
Author: Miss Kass
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Characters: Riku
Word Count: 571
Summary: When you take away the key, a blade is left behind, just like when you remove the light, all you are left with is the dark.
Spoilers: None, bb. Purposeful vagaries ftw.
Disclaimer: I can’t claim to own anything to do with this video game but a copy and some budding thoughts.


The Keyblade is an oft-used weapon of heroes, epitomised by races throughout the stars and loved by all those it has touched. Even if one sees evil in it at first, their views are soon changed by the shining weapon, the only key with the power to open doors between both worlds and hearts.

There are keys with different uses, too. One which inspires strength in the user, a pair of black wings and a darkened crown spurring its master to greater heights, harder blows landing upon enemies that can’t possibly win against it. And then another with no strength of its own, instead bringing unexpected luck to the user, their munny pouches growing steadily after each battle, though the work is harder to obtain the riches.

While these Keyblades have a history, as do they all, there is one with more history than all the rest can imagine. This key brought a boy back from his darkened demise, the way to the dawn illuminated by the juxtaposition of light and dark – good and evil. But before this, one other saw a power in the design that would further their heartless experiments. So before the boy got a chance to wield the key that saved his life and returned his friends to his side, he was instead given a blade.

Now, this blade seemed simple enough, a sharpened edge like the wing of a bat, an eye to witness all that it encountered, and a hilt allowing it to be grasped and drawn – strong and true. But instead of the power of light in the Keyblade, it was instilled with the power of darkness, and with this dark it turned the boy against those he would one day give his childhood to find.

The blade was forged of evil, the eye – unlike that of its model – more than just a witness to events, but ever watching and recording, fuelling the evil in the weapon. The blade was sharp enough to slice through enemies and friends with a single blow, a failed representation of the key which was designed to terrorise enemies but draw friends into the wielder’s heart.

So when the blade began to destroy the boy, his soul eaten by the weapon’s terrible power, his friends, once kept at bay by the destruction the boy would leave in his path, destroyed the blade. The power over him removed, the boy was free, but the events he witnessed – the eye of the blade no longer an unwavering presence, seeing all the boy could see and even that which he could not – turned him darker than before. It was not until he found the key that he could step into the light again.

And so the dichotomy unfolds. The creation of the key was for protection, and for the safety of the world around it. But once in the wrong hands, the design was taken and malice was injected into it, a once innocent eye becoming a viewer of the world’s evils, feathered wings removed to favour a single wing as black as the heart of its creator. Then when the blade was destroyed the key took hold again, darkness dispelled in the heart of a teenaged boy due to light flooding across it.

In one hand lies in the evil, and in the other lies the good. It just takes the pure of heart to find that which is most important.

Here at [livejournal.com profile] kh_drabble.
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